Comfrey the near “Cure All”

I have to say that as I get older, I have less faith in my local GP to give me solutions to my ailments. I am not happy these days to just pop another pill or two. I am becoming increasingly aware of what goes into my body. I am always on the lookout for a natural option to my healing. This of course is also the case for my family too. Many years ago I had a very painful lump on the bridge of my nose. My doctor prescribed 6 different creams and 3 different tablets over a period of one month. None of this worked. The lump seemed to be getting bigger and was more tender with each passing day. I had trouble wearing my glasses, as that even caused me pain. The cost was ridiculous for each apparent solution he had. I simply could not afford to take the chance that another expensive cream or pill might work. This is when I began my journey for natural remedies. I ended up buying a jar of raw honey from a local bee keeper, I applied the honey 3 times a day. I couldn’t believe it, in a matter of days the lump was barely visible. Within 7 days in was gone, and the pain along with it.

I had an appointment already booked to see the GP again, so I went. Naturally he tried to lay claim to the success of his most recent prescription cream. I had absolute pleasure in informing him that no, it was not him, nor any of his prescriptions, but the nectar of the gods that had sorted me out. Yes, he had a good laugh at me. He also said that he would see me when the problem returned…which he said it would. So here I am 10 years later, still waiting. I have since used raw local honey many times to treat different issues with myself or my family. This is also where I began my Comfrey Journey. I have not looked back. This herb is powerful has an extremely long history in treating pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, with time, as with other herbs, it has been replaced by the use of modern-day medicine.  Though in recent times, more and more people have become increasingly unhappy with their doctor and/or the traditional medicinal practices. They are looking for a more natural way to heal themselves, looking for remedies that come from nature.

Comfrey, has had an interesting journey through time. In the 1800’s believing that Comfrey would help to prevent worldwide famine, Henry Doubleday (1813-1902), a Quaker, brought Russian comfrey to England. In fact his last 30 years were spent in researching this particular herb. Though, he could never prove this his original theory. Of all the herbs, Comfrey has the most outstanding record of being considered a near “cure all” herb. Every part of this plant can be used, though just to be safe, at naturallyorganic67 we only harvest and use the leaves, stems and flowers. The root is very potent, and we have found that the leaves are more than potent enough for most ailments and pain.

In 1960 H. Kirschner, American physician wrote a book titled “Experience with Comfrey in Medicinal Practice.”  Kirschner owned a farm in California. Here he grew his own crop of Comfrey and used it in his practice to treat a variety of ailments. While doing so, he conducted a study of the healing powers of this herb. As a result there are some remarkable case histories noted of the use of comfrey in medical treatment. It is also loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition to the ability to knit bones together, comfrey claims to relieve symptoms and pain associated with asthma, arthritis, relieve skin irritations, back pain, joint and muscle pain, strains and sprains, tennis elbow and athlete’s foot. It encourages a speedy recovery post surgery. All this by simply using ointments or oils that contain comfrey. 

We have a very loyal customer base that gives us honest feedback on our products. We have seen and heard the amazement in their voices as they excitedly share their Comfrey journey with us. We are very proud of our Comfrey products because we know that they work wonders for people in pain. If you are thinking of trying our ointments or oils, but feel unsure; please send us your concerns. We love chatting/messaging with anyone and we’re always happy to answer all of your questions. Having been let down by many false promises in the past, we totally understand if you are hesitant.  We currently only supply purely to the Australian market, but would be happy to discuss possibilities with international buyers as well.

Enjoy life as the gift it is. Enjoy every interaction you have. Be kind and share your smile. Look around you to find the little miracles and blessings that surround us each and every moment of every day. For one day it will be gone.

Michelle xx
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