My Morning Appreciation Session

See the beauty that surrounds you every day. Nature offers us the most spectacular things, but it is up to us to stop and appreciate them.
Stop, sit and breathe it all in.

Woken this morning by our new puppy, Basil, at 4.30am. My first instinct was to take him out for his toilet stop then quietly crawl back into bed for further sleep. But there were bigger forces that would change my plans in an instant. Nature seemed to be calling me as soon as I stepped out of the house.

I was drawn into the still and quietness, though to be honest it really wasn’t that quiet. But the sounds I was hearing were not man-made, they were the calls of nature. The crickets chirping, the birds singing, the soft wind rustling the leaves, I was actually surrounded by noise. But it was nature’s song that surrounded me. A harmony of the most perfect tunes. Not a note was out of place, all the sounds built to create a masterpiece that I have heard many times, yet never tire of. Beckoning me to sit and listen and take it all in. So I did.

We have lots of large rock in our garden, the remnants, from the earthworks of building our house. So I chose a particularly lovely rock at the edge of our apple tree. 

I sat watching the sun rise, brightening the sky in wonderful light. I watched as the grey gloomy clouds seemed to light up so bright that it became difficult to look at them comfortably. As the sky lit up from the sun in a magnificent array of hues, I saw the sky begin to reveal it’s blue colouring. The clouds were zooming across the sky, seemingly in a hurry to get where they needed to be. Then it dawned on me, up there in the sky, it wasn’t all that different from down here on earth. There were plenty of safe, quiet peaceful zones to enjoy, but there was also the hustle and bustle of needing to get places and get things done.

Take it all in with a grateful heart.

At that moment I was very grateful that I was in one of those quiet safe zones. Where I was able to stop, see, smell and feel nature around me. I felt grounded and very connected to the nature surrounding me and to the world that I live in. I felt an energy within me and a calmness that was just wonderful. I felt ready to take on whatever was thrown my way today.

Generally I’m a fairly grounded person anyway but, this early morning appreciation session courtesy of Mother Nature herself just grounded me more. Today is my day, this is my week, my month, my year to achieve great things. I am ready. So as I sign off, I give gratitude for the simple things in life, and for being woken early by Basil to enjoy what I have right here, right now. Life can be good but right now life is great.

I hope you also find time to see that life is complicated because we allow it to be. I hope you find that inner calm and grounding that shows you just how great life is. Find time today to stop and breathe in your surroundings. Appreciate the little things.

Gratitude: the act of showing & giving thanks.

I give gratitude to you for reading my blogpost, following me and for supporting my little business. May good things come your way.

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