Happy Australia Day 2022

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Once again it is a very different Australia Day. While the entire country is still concerned about the Covid-19 virus, we are somehow trying to get back to some type of normal life. Which you would think would be relatively easy to do. But we truly are surrounded by the virus, more now than ever before. Now it seems that it’s not a case of “will we?” but more like ” when will we?”. Everywhere I go, people are scared. Rightfully so. But, just for today let’s see if we can enjoy and celebrate this wonderful country that we call home, Australia. So, let’s look at what Australia offers to us, it’s people.

So what exactly does Australia offers to us? The beauty of our landscape is like no other. We’re surrounded by tall majestic gum trees and wattles that flower like pure sunshine, avenues of Jacaranda trees in their beautiful purple hues are breathtaking. Seeing the Buckinghamia, bottlebrush and the grevilleas in flower is a sight to behold. As are the birds that frequent these flowering plants too. We have the most beautiful quaint country towns and some of the best beaches in the world. Our rain-forests leave us in awe as we wander through them. We are currently blessed with beautiful green lush growth as far as the eye can see. Our birds sing harmoniously high in the trees. Our wildlife is unique. Honestly whose heart does not jump for joy on spotting a kookaburra, frill neck lizard, kangaroo, koala, wombat or an echidna. 

Yes we also have our share of flooding rains, years of drought and horrific bush fire seasons. But all of these help to make us more resilient and tougher. Yes we are a tough breed here in the land of Oz. But we are so proud of that.

We enjoy a relaxed lifestyle most of the time. We are generally a very laid back. We like to experience the great outdoors. We go camping, 4WDing, fishing and swimming. We love to entertain with friends and loved ones. We love to BBQ. A BBQ is a must have for every home! We look to cook outdoors. Australia is known as the lucky country. But, I think that only rings true in how lucky we are to live here.

With everything happening around us, we seem to be more Aussie proud than we’ve been in a long time. We all want to support local Aussie owned and operated business. We try harder to support our own communities and the small businesses within them. We proudly fly our country flag and boast about where we come from and who we are.

If Covid-19 has given us nothing else, it has certainly given us back our pride and love for our homeland. That is a wonderful thing.

So from my family to yours, we wish you a beaut Australia Day, whether you celebrate it alone or with family and friends. I hope you all find time to see and cherish what our amazing country offers us.


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