We are an 100% Australian home grown business based in Queensland. We produce healing & skin care products organically & naturally.

We believe that everyone should have the free choice to use natural products for their healing and self care.

All products created by naturallyorganic67 are made from raw base ingredients that are certified organic where possible. We grow as much of our ingredients as we can on our own property, ensuring that it is grown in the most natural way possible.

If we are not able to grow it or produce it ourselves……..we will always buy from reputable Australian Businesses. We strongly believe in supporting local and supporting fellow Australian businesses.

How it all began…..

Posted on September 25, 2020 by naturallyorganic67

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Our journey began many years ago with a simple conversation, in a Queensland country school yard, with an extremely dear friend. This is how so many brilliant, earth shattering and light bulb moments begin….with a chat in a garden, with a friend. Unfortunately that friend has since left our world and gone onto another place where I know that she’s enriching lives in a way that only she could. She’ll be in my heart forever.

With her encouragement and support we began to make our naturally organic range of pain relief. She started us off on our comfrey journey. Which began with so many fails, mistakes and blunders. But, it was fun despite all of that. Since then we have grown to produce and sell many more products like our Calendula skincare products & men’s beard care range.

Our main focus to date has been Calendula & Comfrey products. They are both such powerful herbs in their own right. But as we must change to grow or is it grow to change??? Anyway, as we are always looking to learn as much as we can, I’m certain there will be many more products added to our range as we grow.

We hope that you will follow us and join us our journey and help us to grow.

We give blessings and gratitude for all the kindred souls that have walked our journey with us. We shall carry you with us wherever we go. So come along a be part of our journey too.

Township of Esk, Queensland Australia