2022 Heartbreak & devastation leads to amazing acts of kindness

February 2022 Floods Esk Queensland Australia

Well here we are a couple of months into the new year. Let’s have a look at where we are. I am sorry, but I have to warn you that it is not looking good. But, I’m guessing that you have already figured that out for yourself.

Every year we all hope the new year will be better than the year we’ve just done. Yet for the past few years it just isn’t happening for us. Why??? I wish I knew because then maybe we could find a way to turn it around. Instead though we do have to find a way to get through it and focus on what is great about it. Yes, some days it is harder to see the great, but if we set our minds to finding it, then we will.

First though lets look at why it has sucked so far. Well we began the year still with the effects of the Corona Virus changing our lives daily. This time its the Omicron variant. While our Australian Government are removing all of the protective restrictions, we the Australian people are hearing of more hospitalizations, more deaths and a larger section of our population becoming infected. Yet, here we are removing all the things that were designed to protect us. We feel confused and very unsure about why or what is the reason for this. Thanks to Corona we have become isolated and alone.

We do not reach out to others as we once did. We don’t socialize as often, communication with friends and family is becoming less common. I know that for me, there are very few people that I feel connected to these days. Relationships that I used to focus my energy on are now not taking centre stage in my life. The truth of the matter is that if I don’t reach out to others, then they definitely won’t reach out to me. This has made me question if I had been focusing my energy on all the wrong people. It is hard work constantly being the one that always makes contact, always trying to arrange catch-ups. We need to feel that it is not all one sided, in order to validate our time and efforts spent. To feel that we are important to them too.I find myself now focusing on the ones I know I can count on and the few that have been there for me. I am not sure that this is a particularly good thing. I am also not sure if this is how things will always be from now on. I guess time will tell.

As I write this post, my beautiful part of Australia is in flood. Towns and cities have been and are still being devastated by horrific floods. The rains came and somehow they forgot how to stop. Communities are flooded in and unable to leave, unable to get basic needs to survive. Towns have been desecrated and damaged beyond repair. The heartbreak is indescribable. Yet through all of this…communities are pulling together and growing stronger. There are life long bonds being formed with strangers. There are complete strangers helping others despite their own devastation, family homes are becoming refuges for anyone and everybody in need. People risking their own safety to help others who are unable to help themselves. Seeing the human spirit at the forefront is very healing. This is where we have to recognize the great things in our lives and in our surroundings. People supporting people. That is what is great about the human spirit. While it can be oh so fragile, In times of true need it becomes a force to be reckoned with. When life gets really tough, we come together to get everyone through. No matter how bad things become, even the most insurmountable event can somehow, brings out the best in the human spirit.

At the moment, we just look at the damage and heartbreak and wonder how do we come out the other side??? How do we move on from such devastation? Yet, somehow we know deep down that from somewhere deep inside us will come a strength we never knew we had. A strength that we also draw from those around us. Then one day we will see that we did get through it. We are okay. We will continue to move forward, even if a little cautiously. But even after the water recedes, our difficult journey takes another path. This will be a long path. A long way till its all truly over, if that day ever comes.

Unfortunately the flooding has not ended. We have many communities across Queensland and Northern New South Wales still now feeling the power of nature. It appears that even more areas will suffer the same fate. I would like to wish all affected by the 2022 February Floods good luck and good health, my heart goes out to every single person affected. I also give thanks to every soul that assisted and supported those in need. Whether in a paid capacity or of your own free will, you all make Australia the most wonderful community to be a part of. Even the tiniest act of kindness through times like this speaks volumes.

Let’s continue to look after each other and allow kindness to over shadow everything.


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