Nature & I, we are one.

It’s 5am on a Saturday morning, our new puppy has woken me for his toilet stop and breakfast. I stumbled out of bed barely able to open my eyes. Mainly due to a very tough night with him. Once outside in the garden, I begin to truly wake up. The slight cool morning chill hits my face. It feels brisk yet surprisingly comforting. The sun still only has that gentle warmth, which somehow warms my heart and soul. It’s like a morning embrace from a dear friend.


I look around at the Apple tree, only the second year in the garden, yet it has a bumper crop. We’ll get around 20 fruits from her this season. The olives, bananas, orange and coffee trees have no fruit but look luscious after the recent rains. The Protea bush is busy setting it’s very first flower. My Giant Bromeliad is about to flower. This has been a process happening over the past 3 months. I wait in excited anticipation, waiting to see her full beauty unveil. The vegetable garden is glorious too. Lots of food on its way to nourish and fill our bellies. The Comfrey garden is full and in need of harvest, some of the leaves are 40+ cm long. The Calendula is not far behind. I guess this will be on my list for today.

The birds are singing all around me. Their beautiful melodies. A skink runs past my feet, scurrying back to the safety of the rocks. I have found that as I get older, I really appreciate all the small things around me. I appreciate the beauty of nature and give thanks for it everyday. I have found a true connection with nature which strengthens with each passing day. These days I feel at one with nature, I feel as if am a part of nature, and she is a part of me. I feel at peace in her presence. 

With this connection, comes kindness towards all who cross my path in life, a feeling of true empathy and compassion for all. I feel truly blessed and privileged to feel this connection. What a wonderful world, what a wonderful time to be alive! Everywhere I look, there is something good to see, to hear to feel. I hope that every person can at some point in their lives see the world as I am seeing it right now, in this moment. If even only for one day. Then everyone could see the possibilities that lay ahead for a world filled with wonder and gratitude, kindness and love, empathy and compassion, peace and love. Hhhhmmmmm…….

Have a fantastic week, find the joy in your heart and share it all around you.

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May the sun warm your soul and bring joy to your heart. xxxxx

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