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Comfrey the near “Cure All”

I have to say that as I get older, I have less faith in my local GP to give me solutions to my ailments. I am not happy these days to just pop another pill or two. I am becoming increasingly aware of what… Continue Reading “Comfrey the near “Cure All””

Just Breathe…

Did you realize the by just breathing we can improve our general well being???? Now this is not our normal everyday breathing, that I’m talking about here. I talking about BIG, DEEP BREATHS. Those big deep breaths that reach right down to the bottom… Continue Reading “Just Breathe…”

Cool weather aches & pains

Here in sunny??? Queensland, we are fortunate to get some much needed rain. With the rain and the change of season, we have a little cool weather hanging around. So, with the cool weather, for a lot of us, this also means aches &… Continue Reading “Cool weather aches & pains”

Flash sale date to be set

huge discounts across our range. First ever flash sale for naturallyorganic67

self care – it’s a must

self care has to be a priority if we are ever to live a happy life

Flash sale coming soon

We are so excited to be able to host our very first Flash Sale. WHAT IS A FLASH SALE??????? a Flash sale is simply a very short sale offering you – our very valued customer – a way to save lots of dollars across… Continue Reading “Flash sale coming soon”

Grief of losing a loved one

Our Comfrey and Calendula products are wonderful healers, but they are no match for grief. There are no ointments or oils that can heal the pain of losing a loved one. The only healers for that come in the form of people and time.People… Continue Reading “Grief of losing a loved one”

Our thoughts……

We find a inner peace when working with these natural ingredients. There’s a calm that comes over us and the space we work in. It puts us in the most positive mindset. We believe this shines through in all of our products, that it… Continue Reading “Our thoughts……”