Men’s Beard Care Kit, everything you need to create envy for your lush healthy beard

Wondering How To Look After Your Beard?

Non-Foaming Natural Beard Shampoo RRP $22

All natural organic ingredients to clean and nourish your beard and the skin beneath. Use 2-3 times weekly while showering. BUY AT REDUCED PRICES DURING OUR 48 HOUR FLASH SALE MARCH 21-22.


Beard grooming has never been so easy. There are products everywhere you turn. How can you choose the right ones for you and your beard?? Well it’s a challenge. But, we’re going to help you out with this massive decision. Here we’ll tell you about our products & our ingredients. We’ll explain how to look after your beard and why. Why using natural ingredients and products are so much better.

Just remember though, regardless of which products you choose, you will still need to be patient. Epic beards do not happen overnight. They certainly do not happen without putting in some effort. A truly epic beard is the product of self-restraint. When you first begin to grow your beard, you really need to resist the urge to trim or style. Just leave it for at least 4-6 weeks to do its own thing.

This allows the hairs to grow evenly (not necessarily at the same rate). Use this time to decide on the style that you’re aiming for. Choose a style that suits your face shape. Your beard will look better, and so will you.

Why Wash It Regularly?

It is especially important to get into the habit of doing this right from the beginning of you Beard Journey. It sounds horrible to think of it but, that luscious beard that you’re trying to grow is a huge trap!! Especially food and skin cells which can cause itchiness, irritation and a smelly beard. Unfortunately, we tend to forget about the skin underneath all that hair. Washing the beard is the most important step in caring for your beard. Gently scrubbing your beard several times each week, while showering, with a specialized shampoo. Then gently pat it dry, rubbing too vigorously can lead to split ends and a frizzy beard.

Why Beard Oil?

Beard oils can be tricky, some are too heavy, too shiny, some even feel dry. Using a beard oil based on natural ingredients will gently nourish and feed your beard and help the beard grow healthy and quite often thicker and faster too. naturallyorganic67 beard oils are formulated with a blend of natural, organic, and vegan oils (like almond, castor, moroccan argan and jojoba). All of our ingredients have been chosen specifically for their benefits to beard growth.

  • We have a range of scents to choose from. Such as:
  • Naked: this one has no added scents, smells only of the organic natural ingredients.
  • Citrus Blend: this one has a light summery scent of oranges and bergamot. This one is a favourite with the ladies as well.
  • Sandalwood & Cedar Blend: If you’re more a deep manly, earthy scent type of guy, you cannot go past this one.
  • There’s something for everyone.

Using Our Products To Train Your Beard

A daily brush with a beard comb or beard brush will untangle stubborn hairs, and help to train them to grow in a downward direction. You can even up the game by using our Beard Balm and using to to mold and shape your beard exactly as you like it. Simply use the back of your fingernail to scrape up a small amount of balm. Warm it by rubbing between the finger tips. Once warmed, gently rub through the hairs in a downward stroking motion. Then mold and style as desired. Using the Beard Balm will give you extra sculpting power while taming also taming those fly away hairs too. A regular trim will also help to maintain your chosen shape.

Don’t Forget the Mustache

Unless you’ve chosen a chinstrap, growing an epic beard also means growing a moustache. keeping this neat is fairly easy. Just a quick trim with a pair of grooming scissors every five days or so. This will help keep those stray hairs at bay. Keep it naturally sculpted with a little of our beard balm.

Why Choose Natural & Organic??

2. All natural
Using our naturally organic products will speak for itself in terms of the quality of the ingredients.Being full of all natural ingredients, meaning they are not chemically or synthetically made. All of our products are blended by hand using organic oils, butters with no added preservatives. they are however hand blended using vegan friendly organic herbs, butters and essential oils with no added preservatives. Our products are designed to nourish, strengthen and soften the beard. Suitable for all beard types.

You’ll find no chemicals in the growing of ingredients or throughout the blending process. Typically bulk produced products contain chemicals that have harsh affects on your hair and skin. Often doing the exact reverse of what they promise. As a naturallyorganic67 customer, you have our guarantee of 100% buyer satisfaction. Just let us know whats happening so that we can work together to remedy the situation. All of our products can be purchased individually or you can save a bundle by choosing the “Complete Beard Care Kit.”

Here’s All The Info…..

Ingredients list & their benefits:

Shea butter: Shea butter contains vitamin A and E with essential fatty acids which are believed to add moisture and shine to the hair. Its non-greasy quality makes it an excellent moisturizer for the hair. It softens dry brittle hair and repairs split damaged ends as well.

Cocoa Butter: Prevents hair loss due to breakage and strengthens the hair shaft. Helps to adds volume and strength to the hair shaft.Replenishes oils lost due to chemical processes.

Candelilla/Carnauba wax: in our vegan balm only. Give a medium hold and promotes shine to the beard.

Jojoba/Macadamia Oils: Lightweight oils that are easily absorbed by the skin without feeling greasy.

Vitamin E: antioxidant and nutrient rich, protects the skin under the beard.

Essential Oils: The benefits of these are huge. Helps to improve mood, boost energy, relieve stress, clear the mind just to name a few. Their antimicrobial and anti-fungal benefits help to promote healthy beard growth.

Castille Soap: Natural soap made from olive oil. gentle yet very effective cleaner. Protects skin & hair from damage. As a natural ingredient, it will not foam like soaps filled with additives & chemicals.

Castor Oil: Excellent for feeding both the facial hair and the skin. Contains high content of ricinoleic acid that improves blood circulation in the scalp which then provides nutrition to the hair follicles.

Almond Oil: Helps to increase beard growth, eliminates dandruff and reduces inflammation.

Apricot Oil: very light oil that penetrates deeply to soften the hairs and the skin.

Coconut Oil: Hydrating, protective, soothing and improves the appearance of the beard.

Moroccan Argan Oil: Coats the hair shaft to protect it from damage from our surroundings. Helps to repair split ends.

This kit will usually last for many months.

Beard Shampoo- use 3 times per week. Massage into the beard while showering.

Beard Oils are applied 1-2 times daily after showering or as needed.

Beard Balms- Used when styling or shaping the beard. This product will tame those wild hairs that stray off in every direction.

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