Comfrey the near “Cure All”

I have to say that as I get older, I have less faith in my local GP to give me solutions to my ailments. I am not happy these days to just pop another pill or two. I am becoming increasingly aware of what goes into my body. I am always on the lookout for a natural option to my healing. This of course is also the case for my family too. Many years ago I had a very painful lump on the bridge of my nose. My doctor prescribed 6 different creams and 3 different tablets over a period of one month. None of this worked. The lump seemed to be getting bigger and was more tender with each passing day. I had trouble wearing my glasses, as that even caused me pain. The cost was ridiculous for each apparent solution he had. I simply could not afford to take the chance that another expensive cream or pill might work. This is when I began my journey for natural remedies. I ended up buying a jar of raw honey from a local bee keeper, I applied the honey 3 times a day. I couldn’t believe it, in a matter of days the lump was barely visible. Within 7 days in was gone, and the pain along with it.

I had an appointment already booked to see the GP again, so I went. Naturally he tried to lay claim to the success of his most recent prescription cream. I had absolute pleasure in informing him that no, it was not him, nor any of his prescriptions, but the nectar of the gods that had sorted me out. Yes, he had a good laugh at me. He also said that he would see me when the problem returned…which he said it would. So here I am 10 years later, still waiting. I have since used raw local honey many times to treat different issues with myself or my family. This is also where I began my Comfrey Journey. I have not looked back. This herb is powerful has an extremely long history in treating pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, with time, as with other herbs, it has been replaced by the use of modern-day medicine.  Though in recent times, more and more people have become increasingly unhappy with their doctor and/or the traditional medicinal practices. They are looking for a more natural way to heal themselves, looking for remedies that come from nature.

Comfrey, has had an interesting journey through time. In the 1800’s believing that Comfrey would help to prevent worldwide famine, Henry Doubleday (1813-1902), a Quaker, brought Russian comfrey to England. In fact his last 30 years were spent in researching this particular herb. Though, he could never prove this his original theory. Of all the herbs, Comfrey has the most outstanding record of being considered a near “cure all” herb. Every part of this plant can be used, though just to be safe, at naturallyorganic67 we only harvest and use the leaves, stems and flowers. The root is very potent, and we have found that the leaves are more than potent enough for most ailments and pain.

In 1960 H. Kirschner, American physician wrote a book titled “Experience with Comfrey in Medicinal Practice.”  Kirschner owned a farm in California. Here he grew his own crop of Comfrey and used it in his practice to treat a variety of ailments. While doing so, he conducted a study of the healing powers of this herb. As a result there are some remarkable case histories noted of the use of comfrey in medical treatment. It is also loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition to the ability to knit bones together, comfrey claims to relieve symptoms and pain associated with asthma, arthritis, relieve skin irritations, back pain, joint and muscle pain, strains and sprains, tennis elbow and athlete’s foot. It encourages a speedy recovery post surgery. All this by simply using ointments or oils that contain comfrey. 

We have a very loyal customer base that gives us honest feedback on our products. We have seen and heard the amazement in their voices as they excitedly share their Comfrey journey with us. We are very proud of our Comfrey products because we know that they work wonders for people in pain. If you are thinking of trying our ointments or oils, but feel unsure; please send us your concerns. We love chatting/messaging with anyone and we’re always happy to answer all of your questions. Having been let down by many false promises in the past, we totally understand if you are hesitant.  We currently only supply purely to the Australian market, but would be happy to discuss possibilities with international buyers as well.

Enjoy life as the gift it is. Enjoy every interaction you have. Be kind and share your smile. Look around you to find the little miracles and blessings that surround us each and every moment of every day. For one day it will be gone.

Michelle xx
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Our peaceful zone

Recently with the rain we have had here in Queensland, everywhere is just amazing. Surrounded by beauty everywhere you look. The gardens have just come to life with the recent rains and warm days. As we sit and enjoy our morning cuppa in the sunshine and enjoy our surroundings, we chat about the growth in the gardens and just how lucky we are to have what we do.

Before we moved to Esk, we would visit our block of land regularly. To mow the grass, to build a shed, move some rock, do some bird watching, to plant a tree or just come for a cuppa and enjoy the peace. I remember clearly when my husband said to me one day, “How will we ever get things done when we live here? It is so peaceful, and so nice just to sit and take it all in.” I remember that we laughed, thinking…….as if!!

Well as it turns out, he was right. Yes we get stuff done. No, never as much as we had planned. It turns out that it is really hard to motivate movement and action when everything is so peaceful around you. I’m spending more time on my little business, because I can look out of my office window while working. I feel that it is paying off too, as I see my orders coming in each day. But, as for the jobs we really need to address, well they are very slow to happen.

So we have made a pact. Tomorrow, we will rise early, cuppa and breakfast, then head straight to the garden. You see, while the plants have grown and look amazing, unfortunately so have the weeds. They seem to be encroaching into our peaceful zone. We are not too happy about this. I mean how can we avoid work, when there it is staring straight up at us when we are trying so hard not too work. That just doesn’t work for our zone.

Fingers crossed, hoping to get our boys out to help too. But, wow!!! That’s a pretty big ask. So, we shall see how that one pans out. We have visitors coming on Sunday, so we really have no choice. Tomorrow, we have to work, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s. It has to happen. So wish us luck as we venture out into the garden in the morning to achieve great things.

My wish for everyone today is…..

I hope that every single person has a special place to escape to whenever they need to. A place that fills your heart with peace, joy and hope. A place where you can recharge and re-energize. So that you can soldier on, to another day with a heart filled with positivity & hope.

Michelle Steiner
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Thankyou for reading my post. Hoping you have the most amazing wonderful week.

Until next week, take care of yourself and share your kindness everywhere you go.

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2022 Heartbreak & devastation leads to amazing acts of kindness

February 2022 Floods Esk Queensland Australia

Well here we are a couple of months into the new year. Let’s have a look at where we are. I am sorry, but I have to warn you that it is not looking good. But, I’m guessing that you have already figured that out for yourself.

Every year we all hope the new year will be better than the year we’ve just done. Yet for the past few years it just isn’t happening for us. Why??? I wish I knew because then maybe we could find a way to turn it around. Instead though we do have to find a way to get through it and focus on what is great about it. Yes, some days it is harder to see the great, but if we set our minds to finding it, then we will.

First though lets look at why it has sucked so far. Well we began the year still with the effects of the Corona Virus changing our lives daily. This time its the Omicron variant. While our Australian Government are removing all of the protective restrictions, we the Australian people are hearing of more hospitalizations, more deaths and a larger section of our population becoming infected. Yet, here we are removing all the things that were designed to protect us. We feel confused and very unsure about why or what is the reason for this. Thanks to Corona we have become isolated and alone.

We do not reach out to others as we once did. We don’t socialize as often, communication with friends and family is becoming less common. I know that for me, there are very few people that I feel connected to these days. Relationships that I used to focus my energy on are now not taking centre stage in my life. The truth of the matter is that if I don’t reach out to others, then they definitely won’t reach out to me. This has made me question if I had been focusing my energy on all the wrong people. It is hard work constantly being the one that always makes contact, always trying to arrange catch-ups. We need to feel that it is not all one sided, in order to validate our time and efforts spent. To feel that we are important to them too.I find myself now focusing on the ones I know I can count on and the few that have been there for me. I am not sure that this is a particularly good thing. I am also not sure if this is how things will always be from now on. I guess time will tell.

As I write this post, my beautiful part of Australia is in flood. Towns and cities have been and are still being devastated by horrific floods. The rains came and somehow they forgot how to stop. Communities are flooded in and unable to leave, unable to get basic needs to survive. Towns have been desecrated and damaged beyond repair. The heartbreak is indescribable. Yet through all of this…communities are pulling together and growing stronger. There are life long bonds being formed with strangers. There are complete strangers helping others despite their own devastation, family homes are becoming refuges for anyone and everybody in need. People risking their own safety to help others who are unable to help themselves. Seeing the human spirit at the forefront is very healing. This is where we have to recognize the great things in our lives and in our surroundings. People supporting people. That is what is great about the human spirit. While it can be oh so fragile, In times of true need it becomes a force to be reckoned with. When life gets really tough, we come together to get everyone through. No matter how bad things become, even the most insurmountable event can somehow, brings out the best in the human spirit.

At the moment, we just look at the damage and heartbreak and wonder how do we come out the other side??? How do we move on from such devastation? Yet, somehow we know deep down that from somewhere deep inside us will come a strength we never knew we had. A strength that we also draw from those around us. Then one day we will see that we did get through it. We are okay. We will continue to move forward, even if a little cautiously. But even after the water recedes, our difficult journey takes another path. This will be a long path. A long way till its all truly over, if that day ever comes.

Unfortunately the flooding has not ended. We have many communities across Queensland and Northern New South Wales still now feeling the power of nature. It appears that even more areas will suffer the same fate. I would like to wish all affected by the 2022 February Floods good luck and good health, my heart goes out to every single person affected. I also give thanks to every soul that assisted and supported those in need. Whether in a paid capacity or of your own free will, you all make Australia the most wonderful community to be a part of. Even the tiniest act of kindness through times like this speaks volumes.

Let’s continue to look after each other and allow kindness to over shadow everything.


Happy Australia Day 2022 Proud to be an Australian Small Business 100% aussie Grown, Made & Owned.

Once again it is a very different Australia Day. While the entire country is still concerned about the Covid-19 virus, we are somehow trying to get back to some type of normal life. Which you would think would be relatively easy to do. But we truly are surrounded by the virus, more now than ever before. Now it seems that it’s not a case of “will we?” but more like ” when will we?”. Everywhere I go, people are scared. Rightfully so. But, just for today let’s see if we can enjoy and celebrate this wonderful country that we call home, Australia. So, let’s look at what Australia offers to us, it’s people.

So what exactly does Australia offers to us? The beauty of our landscape is like no other. We’re surrounded by tall majestic gum trees and wattles that flower like pure sunshine, avenues of Jacaranda trees in their beautiful purple hues are breathtaking. Seeing the Buckinghamia, bottlebrush and the grevilleas in flower is a sight to behold. As are the birds that frequent these flowering plants too. We have the most beautiful quaint country towns and some of the best beaches in the world. Our rain-forests leave us in awe as we wander through them. We are currently blessed with beautiful green lush growth as far as the eye can see. Our birds sing harmoniously high in the trees. Our wildlife is unique. Honestly whose heart does not jump for joy on spotting a kookaburra, frill neck lizard, kangaroo, koala, wombat or an echidna. 

Yes we also have our share of flooding rains, years of drought and horrific bush fire seasons. But all of these help to make us more resilient and tougher. Yes we are a tough breed here in the land of Oz. But we are so proud of that.

We enjoy a relaxed lifestyle most of the time. We are generally a very laid back. We like to experience the great outdoors. We go camping, 4WDing, fishing and swimming. We love to entertain with friends and loved ones. We love to BBQ. A BBQ is a must have for every home! We look to cook outdoors. Australia is known as the lucky country. But, I think that only rings true in how lucky we are to live here.

With everything happening around us, we seem to be more Aussie proud than we’ve been in a long time. We all want to support local Aussie owned and operated business. We try harder to support our own communities and the small businesses within them. We proudly fly our country flag and boast about where we come from and who we are.

If Covid-19 has given us nothing else, it has certainly given us back our pride and love for our homeland. That is a wonderful thing.

So from my family to yours, we wish you a beaut Australia Day, whether you celebrate it alone or with family and friends. I hope you all find time to see and cherish what our amazing country offers us.


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My Morning Appreciation Session

See the beauty that surrounds you every day. Nature offers us the most spectacular things, but it is up to us to stop and appreciate them.
Stop, sit and breathe it all in.

Woken this morning by our new puppy, Basil, at 4.30am. My first instinct was to take him out for his toilet stop then quietly crawl back into bed for further sleep. But there were bigger forces that would change my plans in an instant. Nature seemed to be calling me as soon as I stepped out of the house.

I was drawn into the still and quietness, though to be honest it really wasn’t that quiet. But the sounds I was hearing were not man-made, they were the calls of nature. The crickets chirping, the birds singing, the soft wind rustling the leaves, I was actually surrounded by noise. But it was nature’s song that surrounded me. A harmony of the most perfect tunes. Not a note was out of place, all the sounds built to create a masterpiece that I have heard many times, yet never tire of. Beckoning me to sit and listen and take it all in. So I did.

We have lots of large rock in our garden, the remnants, from the earthworks of building our house. So I chose a particularly lovely rock at the edge of our apple tree. 

I sat watching the sun rise, brightening the sky in wonderful light. I watched as the grey gloomy clouds seemed to light up so bright that it became difficult to look at them comfortably. As the sky lit up from the sun in a magnificent array of hues, I saw the sky begin to reveal it’s blue colouring. The clouds were zooming across the sky, seemingly in a hurry to get where they needed to be. Then it dawned on me, up there in the sky, it wasn’t all that different from down here on earth. There were plenty of safe, quiet peaceful zones to enjoy, but there was also the hustle and bustle of needing to get places and get things done.

Take it all in with a grateful heart.

At that moment I was very grateful that I was in one of those quiet safe zones. Where I was able to stop, see, smell and feel nature around me. I felt grounded and very connected to the nature surrounding me and to the world that I live in. I felt an energy within me and a calmness that was just wonderful. I felt ready to take on whatever was thrown my way today.

Generally I’m a fairly grounded person anyway but, this early morning appreciation session courtesy of Mother Nature herself just grounded me more. Today is my day, this is my week, my month, my year to achieve great things. I am ready. So as I sign off, I give gratitude for the simple things in life, and for being woken early by Basil to enjoy what I have right here, right now. Life can be good but right now life is great.

I hope you also find time to see that life is complicated because we allow it to be. I hope you find that inner calm and grounding that shows you just how great life is. Find time today to stop and breathe in your surroundings. Appreciate the little things.

Gratitude: the act of showing & giving thanks.

I give gratitude to you for reading my blogpost, following me and for supporting my little business. May good things come your way.

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Find your inner calm,

your inner peace and you will find

find what really matters. Then you can love and nourish it.

Michelle Steiner,

Merry Christmas

At Christmas, We all just want to give. We want to give love, joy, kindness, we just truly want the best for everyone around us. We embrace the world with open arms and want to offer all we can to see the joy in their eyes, see their faces light up. So then, why can’t it be Christmas every day? These are all easy and free things we can share every single day.

Michelle Steiner,

Well here we are again. Christmas time. It seems like this one occasion is the one thing we all work towards all year long. Not saying that this is our only focus for the year. But, it is the time that seems to bring all of our hard work together. It signals a time to stop and relax. Time to enjoy our achievements and the company of our most nearest & dearest. It signals a change for what lies ahead. It reminds us of treasured memories from the past, and the chance to create new memories. It offers love and kindness from everyone in almost endless quantities. It also offers hope for what lays ahead.

I know that Christmas in my home this year will be about enjoying the company of those round me. Whether they be family, friends, neighbours or strangers I’ve never met. It will be about missing those that can not be with us (due to work, distance etc) and remembering those we’ve lost along the way.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Why?? Because it is all about how it makes me feel, how it makes those around me act. For me, it’s all about giving all I can offer. I invite people to join our breakfast, lunch or dinner table and share in our food. All which has been made with an open loving heart. There is no judgement, just love. I want nothing back in return, just a wonderful meal shared with equally wonderful people.I want conversation and lots of laughter. I want everybody to feel something warm in their hearts. To feel that life can be, and is good. We do not need to spend lots of money and we do not need to be showered in gifts to create lasting beautiful memories. We don’t need a reason to do this on a regular basis, and yet for some reason most of us feel that we do.

Gather at your Christmas table to share great food and create great memories.

No matter when you celebrate your Christmas, or how you celebrate. Just surround yourself with the special people in your life and create wonderful memories that you can all talk about forever.

Create a feeling of love & warmth in their hearts, just by giving them the best of you.

Share kindness & love freely. These things are always in abundant supply, providing we are happy to give them freely each and every day.

So from my heart to yours,

and from my home to yours.

I wish you a very very Merry Christmas.

Michelle Steiner
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Nature & I, we are one.

It’s 5am on a Saturday morning, our new puppy has woken me for his toilet stop and breakfast. I stumbled out of bed barely able to open my eyes. Mainly due to a very tough night with him. Once outside in the garden, I begin to truly wake up. The slight cool morning chill hits my face. It feels brisk yet surprisingly comforting. The sun still only has that gentle warmth, which somehow warms my heart and soul. It’s like a morning embrace from a dear friend.


I look around at the Apple tree, only the second year in the garden, yet it has a bumper crop. We’ll get around 20 fruits from her this season. The olives, bananas, orange and coffee trees have no fruit but look luscious after the recent rains. The Protea bush is busy setting it’s very first flower. My Giant Bromeliad is about to flower. This has been a process happening over the past 3 months. I wait in excited anticipation, waiting to see her full beauty unveil. The vegetable garden is glorious too. Lots of food on its way to nourish and fill our bellies. The Comfrey garden is full and in need of harvest, some of the leaves are 40+ cm long. The Calendula is not far behind. I guess this will be on my list for today.

The birds are singing all around me. Their beautiful melodies. A skink runs past my feet, scurrying back to the safety of the rocks. I have found that as I get older, I really appreciate all the small things around me. I appreciate the beauty of nature and give thanks for it everyday. I have found a true connection with nature which strengthens with each passing day. These days I feel at one with nature, I feel as if am a part of nature, and she is a part of me. I feel at peace in her presence. 

With this connection, comes kindness towards all who cross my path in life, a feeling of true empathy and compassion for all. I feel truly blessed and privileged to feel this connection. What a wonderful world, what a wonderful time to be alive! Everywhere I look, there is something good to see, to hear to feel. I hope that every person can at some point in their lives see the world as I am seeing it right now, in this moment. If even only for one day. Then everyone could see the possibilities that lay ahead for a world filled with wonder and gratitude, kindness and love, empathy and compassion, peace and love. Hhhhmmmmm…….

Have a fantastic week, find the joy in your heart and share it all around you.

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May the sun warm your soul and bring joy to your heart. xxxxx

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Life is too short

Just a reminder that no day is ever promised to us. There are no guarantees that we will get another tomorrow. Unfortunately, we are all very aware of this. Yet, we seem to forget or dismiss it as we go about living our lives. Then without warning someone is taken from us and suddenly we remember.

We remember that life is precious and it should not be taken for granted. We remember that we need to be looking out for those that look out for us. We just need to be spending more time with those most important to us. Whether that be a visit, a day out or even a phone call. For one day, they too will be gone, and so will you. Don’t let them go leaving you with guilt and regrets.

I found out this week that a very, very special person that I’d worked closely with has passed away. It was totally unexpected. Some have described it as a very unfortunate event. I am still very much in a state of shock. It was totally unexpected. He still had many years of life left to live. He was such a simple man. Never, demanded a thing from anyone. Though he certainly, would have been within his rights to do so. He never put anyone out. Such a gentle soul, taken far too soon.

Life is a hard enough battle most days without living it filled with regret and guilt of broken promises.

Reach out to those special people in your life. The ones that always have your back. The ones that have always traveled the rough and bumpy road of life, by your side. Those that have also guided you through your darkest days and been there for the brightest too. The people in your life that you know you can count on, no matter what. Focus just some of your time and energy on those people.

My thoughts for you this week are:

Live your best life and be the best person you can be, Look after your special people, because before we know it, it’s all over. Done and dusted. There is no coming back  to do it better.

Michelle Steiner, naturallyorganic67
Connect with your special people regularly
Time is ticking.

Nothing is promised, not today, not tomorrow

Have no regrets, no guilt

This is all just an extension of your loyalty, love, respect & kindness to those you hold dear to your heart.

No Place In The World……Like This

I sit here today, trying to decide what to talk about with you…….then I glance out the window and bang! I am lost in the wonders of nature. The natural beauty of the Australian bush that surrounds me, well, it just blows me away. No matter which angle I look at, what lens I look through, there is something wonderful to see.

I am so grateful for all of the offerings of nature. I mean, seriously, how can I not be?? The tall majestic gum trees that sway in the breeze, the long grasses that wave like the ocean or the birds singing their sweetest song. Those dark clouds overhead offering a promise of rain, the sunshine that warms our soul. It truly is, all from a place of wonder. All of it combined together, then creates a feeling of pure inner peace and tranquility. I am certain that there is no place in the world at this moment that is as beautiful as where I am right now, in this minute.

Australia can be a harsh land to live in, and there is a lot of hard slog and tough work to do to create our own piece of paradise. While here in Esk Queensland, we are slowly creating our ideal of that, I realize that we already have Mother Nature’s version everywhere we look. It is true perfection. So, somehow, what we do on our little piece of land has to embrace and enhance what is already there.

Is that even something that is achievable??? Of course it is. While it appears that everything is there, upon moving here, we noticed a real lack of bird life and little if any frog activity. Yes, Mother nature had left a few things for us to finish for her. So we have busily planted natives with sweet flowers, hoping to entice the birds up the hill. We have planted gardens with the idea of bringing the frogs. And boy, have they all come!!

We have a collection of birds that are now regular visitors to our gardens. Some we had never seen before. Okay, yes, there are also some that we wish did not find us at all. For example, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Beautiful, majestic birds. I am happy to see them anywhere, but, P_L_E_A_S_E, not in my gardens. They are very destructive creatures, and like a very, very naughty child, just seem to want to destroy things. Not for any other reason, other than, just because they can.

But, to console us, we also have many birds that spread joy each time they visit. They come and collect the nectar from the flowers, eat some small bugs, harass a snake or two and stir up our dogs. But they also stand in front of our big glass door and sing loudly and beautifully at their own reflection. They sit on our gutters of the house and allow us to talk to them and they interact back with us.

The frogs are everywhere. They hide in the shade through the day. Either in the hollows of bricks or in the Frog Hotel we created for them. Come nightfall, out they all come. Some nights we have up to 20 gorgeous green frogs sitting on our gutters, outdoor table anywhere really. All of various sizes. We just need to be ready for when they jump on us as we pass through. Each of them has a name. Just one single name for all of them. They are all Frederick. My 17 year old son likes to pick them up and they seem to enjoy it. If he puts them back where they were, they just jump straight back onto him. He walks with them as they go hunting for bugs. Which they happily eat the live bugs directly from his hand.

As I type away on this blog post, I know that if I do not move away from my office window, then today will be totally lost. Lost in the beauty that surrounds me, lost in the peace I feel at the moment. I need to move in order to get things done today. I had a whole long list of things to achieve today. But, I hear a calling, that I cannot ignore. I must move, but not to my list, a calling to move to the great outdoors. Today will be all about me losing myself or is it finding myself??? In the garden, surrounded by all things magical, beautiful and wondrous. Today will be a fantastic day for my mental health. I hope you also have a similar day to lose or find yourself in.

Thanks again for visiting, Nature, a healer for the mind, body & spirit.

Michelle xx

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The most precious resource

Rain at last!! Yippee, we can barely contain our excitement here in Queensland, Australia. Here in Esk, we have been experiencing the driest conditions. It has been like this for quite some time. It has been a struggle keeping the water up to our beautiful gardens. Our Comfrey seems to struggle at the slightest bit of good aussie heat! It seems in no time at all, we go from happy upright plants to ones that are now lying down and looking incredibly sad. But, once they get a hit of that all too precious water…..they reward you by standing upright very quickly. I’m sure that they are even smiling back at us at this point, showing their gratitude for some of the life saving essence of water.

We live on a small plot of land high up on the hill. Such a place of pure natural beauty. But, it can be so dry up here. We literally watch as the storm clouds (filled with that precious resource- rain water), seem to veer around us. They appear to be heading straight for us. Yay! we all get very excited about the prospect of rain around here. Then as quick as it comes it is gone. Gone right around us, following the tops of the mountains and once more avoiding us all together.

Up here on the hill, we all live from the water stored in our tanks. No rain, quite simply means no water. We personally do not use our tanks for watering the garden. We just cannot afford to use that precious commodity for anything other than drinking, washing and for our survival.

So as the dry months drag on without any rain in sight, we turn to buying water when there is no other choice. But, this is quite expensive, so needs to be planned for. This comes in the form of a large water truck that can carry 12,500 litres in a load. This will cost many hundreds of dollars to fill our tanks this way. It may also take up to a week for them to deliver, especially as everyone is needing it at this point. Now, for the garden we will cart water in a small (1000 litre) portable tank, purely for the garden use. This also becomes the water for the very rare car wash day, or for concreting or anything else that may pop up.

But, this week, we saw a change in the winds. The rain came and it stayed. We managed to collect a whooping 66mm of rain. Unfortunately, this will only buy us more time, it has not come close to filling our tanks. But, we are so very grateful for every drop we got. The gardens though….Wow!! They have been rewarded for being so resilient through the dry. The grass in green again, the plants are smiling, yes they truly are. They are looking vibrant and full of life and simply the most wonderful joy emits from each of them as we wander through the garden telling them how beautiful they are.

Naturally after the rain, came a day of gusty winds, trying so hard to dry up the land again. But, the land grabbed every drop of water and held it tight. The land was not ready to give that back yet. So, here we are days later, the ground is still moist , the plants all still looking radiant and yes they are still smiling. We are also smiling. The promise of rain is the promise of new life, renewed life and energy.

Life in the country truly is all about the rain. Because without it there cannot be life.

Thanks for popping in, have a magical week………………………………………Michelle

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