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The most precious resource

Rain at last!! Yippee, we can barely contain our excitement here in Queensland, Australia. Here in Esk, we have been experiencing the driest conditions. It has been like this for quite some time. It has been a struggle keeping the water up to our beautiful gardens. Our Comfrey seems to struggle at the slightest bit…

Who is that looking at me???

Don’t you just hate it when you look in the mirror and see what appears to be an old person looking back at you. I mean who is this person anyway?? I know it cannot possibly be me, no way am I that old yet!! I feel young at heart and full of hope for a great life, so how could this be me? Right??

Giving thanks to Mother Nature

Spending my day yesterday, in the garden had me thinking. This is always a possibility after being surrounded by nature. I took in all of the beauty that surrounded me. The life around me was abundant and simply beautiful. The bees were frantically buzzing as they went about the day’s work. They are always such…

What strange times 2021

I sit here typing away as our government announces another lock down due to Covid outbreaks. These are very unusual times that we find ourselves in at the moment. But, here in Queensland, we have been so, so, lucky. Yes we have had to wear masks more than we’d like, and maybe we can’t always…

how do i live a happy life?

I often wonder why some people are happy with a simple life yet others find negatives in everyday. I find this such a sad way to live. Because, a lot of those negative things that upset us, are usually out of our control. We could not change them no matter how hard we tried. I…

Just Breathe…

Did you realize the by just breathing we can improve our general well being???? Now this is not our normal everyday breathing, that I’m talking about here. I talking about BIG, DEEP BREATHS. Those big deep breaths that reach right down to the bottom of our lungs. The deep inhale and deep exhale. This is…

the power of our words

So today I got a message from Gary, a new customer to let me know that he got his order in time and that he was very happy with the Comfrey Ointment he had ordered. He is 63, a paramedic and still going strong. Wow!! Good on him. What an inspiration he is. Anyway, Gary…

with rain, comes hope

So here in beautiful Queensland, we have had some much needed rain. As far as the eye can see there is a beautiful green to the land that hasn’t been seen for some time. The gardens are growing and happy. At least for now they do not need to want for moisture. They can grow…

Cool weather aches & pains

Here in sunny??? Queensland, we are fortunate to get some much needed rain. With the rain and the change of season, we have a little cool weather hanging around. So, with the cool weather, for a lot of us, this also means aches & pains. Why is it that we start to hurt and generally…


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Flash sale coming soon

We are so excited to be able to host our very first Flash Sale. WHAT IS A FLASH SALE??????? a Flash sale is simply a very short sale offering you – our very valued customer – a way to save lots of dollars across our range for a short period of time. The sale goes…

Grief of losing a loved one

Our Comfrey and Calendula products are wonderful healers, but they are no match for grief. There are no ointments or oils that can heal the pain of losing a loved one. The only healers for that come in the form of people and time.People to offer a simple touch, an embrace, compassion, support, love and…

New mascot

Meet George, our new mascot for our pet range of healing balms. Our new range of balms perfect for your fur babies is coming soon. Watch this space! Natural organic healing for everything from sore joints and muscles to scrapes & grazes. Why shouldn’t our fur babies also have protection naturally??

The realization of how lucky I am

We have had quite a blessed life. I feel so so lucky to have had the life I have. I have a wonderful husband, of 30 years, who just adores me, 4 amazing sons, a lovely daughter-in-law who blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter that has filled our lives and hearts with love and laughter.

While my start to life was not easy, my childhood filled with unspeakable happenings. But, as I sit here today, all I can see and feel is wonderful, beautiful things. Suddenly here I am in my fifties and finally the realization came that I have had an amazing life. I have always known that I was happy and had a lot of good around me. As I have grown older in years, I have grown to become so different to the me that I was in my youth. There’s more compassion, empathy and consideration of others. I can manage to find good in everything and everyone. I also have less tolerance for negativity and drama. Some say I walk around with rose coloured glasses, not really seeing things as they are. But, the truth is that’s fine by me. Because, I really just want to see the world, the way that I want to see it.

  • I want to see kindness and empathy in my community.
  • I want to see love, kindness, support and respect within my family.
  • I want my friends to know they are such a huge important part of my life.
  • I want to see more acceptance for those that are seen as “different”.
  • I want the world to know in their hearts, that kindness and love towards others, is the ultimate healer, to give us all hope for a remarkable future.
  • I want everyone I know, see or meet to know that they are valuable and worthy of a great life too.
  • I just want everyone to be happy.

While financially our struggles are real and have always been there from the beginning. That pales in comparison to the great things that I have witnessed, experienced, seen, felt, heard and been a part of throughout my adult life. Yes, I will admit, there have been many dark days along the way. But, with help and support from others we somehow always come out the other side and forge ahead to find that happy place again.

Life truly is the most wonderful gift. I encourage you to take the time and really look for all those good things in your life. Look for all those moments and those people that lifted you up. Those days when the greatest of memories were created. Forget the bad, that crap is everywhere!!! Forget those negative people, they are probably not the right people for you anyway. You don’t need them.

Just focus for now, on only the good. Take the time to appreciate the gift of life and show gratitude for each and every day you’ve had and still have coming. We each hold the power to have a fantastic, great, amazing, wonderful life. I hope that you all find your power and have a life to be as brilliant as mine has been.

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