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It takes all kinds of people from all kinds of journeys to make this amazing world we all live in. Some of us have had what most believe to be an idyllic life. Filled with wonderful people and memories. They’ve never had to worry about if they were loved, if they were safe and certainly never had to worry about whether they were good enough. These are the people, that we believe, have somehow been blessed to be surrounded with such a beautiful life. They’ve grown in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Sadly, for far too many, that idyllic wonderful life is only a reality within the realms of the social media, the TV shows, the streaming and the movies we watch. Yet, I have to wonder is any of it even a reality. Is it, truly how some people live or is it just a creation of our imagination. A creation of how we wish things really were. The huge family dinners and holidays, the joy at sharing every detail of our life with our siblings, where the brothers/sisters/cousins all have this amazingly unbreakable bond. You know what I’m talking about.

Yet for so many of us, this is not the case. So many suffer a life filled with criticism, judgment, abuse, mistreatment, never feeling safe or knowing if they will even survive the next day. Being surrounded by a life of negativity and poor treatment from others, takes its toll. It causes doubt and anxieties in oneself and all that surrounds them. Not just today but every day of their lives. This becomes like a dominoes effect or a chain reaction. Because this is how they then raise their own children. Not by choice, they just do not know any better. They do not know how to do things differently. They, believe that they are not worthy of a better life. Why wouldn’t they think like this??? After all they possibly spent their whole life hearing exactly that. Why then would they suddenly think any differently???

Unfortunately the misconception is, that most believe that this does not happen in “Good Families”. Yet it is also quite common for children raised in a healthy stable family home will also suffer with these same issues. Mental Health is a massive problem and it happens anywhere, anytime. I have a son that was diagnosed with depression from the age of 5. There was nothing that we could do to change his mindset. He had convinced himself that he was no good, that he did not belong in our family. Yet he was loved equally and raised the same as his 3 brothers. So what happened??? I wish I knew.

Regardless of what you believe, you have to acknowledge that there are too many people that are doing it tough. It is so easy to make a judgment call on somebody that passes you in the street, someone, that just does not fit our sense of normal. It seems it is too easy too have a laugh at someone else’s expense. If someone is fatter, skinnier, dirtier, crankier, eccentric, have bad teeth or no teeth, look really old for their age, or even if they are old or just different.

I ask you think before judging, criticizing and making derogatory remarks and funny looks. Each person on this earth has a story. Some stories are lovely to hear and relate to, but most are not. Perhaps if we all took the time to hear the stories of those around us, then we could truly understand why things are the way they are. Just like the old saying about walking in the shoes of another. Sometimes it is not easy to see the struggles of others. Sometimes it’s because they hide it so well. But, mostly it’s because it’s easier to not see it, therefore not have to deal with it either.

A naughty child that misbehaves at school…..he has a story….connect with him and build a trusting bond, over time you will learn his story. Only then will you see that he is not trying to be rude, disrespectful or nasty, he just wants someone to be there for him and to hear him. Same can be said for the teenage drug addict, the underage drunk, the reclusive young girl, the homeless man, the rude old lady/man, the insolent son/daughter/grandchild.

It has become far too easy to be unkind to others. The world is a mess and this is partially due to the lack of empathy and a lack of understanding, that we humans show towards each other. If you can find any joy in your life then please focus on it and share your joy around. Remember that a smile is contagious, give one out for free and you are more than likely to get one back. Same goes for compliments and praise. A smile and a simple greeting or a nice word can change a persons outlook on life.

Words have the power to create and to destroy. Words are the most powerful tool we possess, How do you and how will you use your words?

Michelle Steiner
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