Who is that looking at me???

Don’t you just hate it when you look in the mirror and see what appears to be an old person looking back at you. I mean who is this person anyway?? I know it cannot possibly be me, no way am I that old yet!! I feel young at heart and full of hope for a great life, so how could this be me? Right??

Well unfortunately, it is me. I don’t know where or when all that aging happened. Okay probably not overnight, but somehow it just seems of snuck up on me and has shocked me to my core. Where did my youthful skin go. Now when I look at that image, I see all the lines from all of the days passed, all those years of laughing, the struggles, the heartbreak and of course the many good times. There are lines for every tear I shed, every son I birthed, every moment of grief I felt. It seems that every single moment has left its mark on me, mainly on my face. Yet to be honest I have other parts that are sagging where they previously used to bounce, now they just sway in the wind.

How can it be that this has happened, yet I do not feel old at all? Yes, I know, it’s how you feel not how you look. For the most part I truly believe in that statement. That is, until I see that old lady in the mirror again:(

So you can imagine how pleased I was when I stumbled across research stating that Comfrey can help prevent the aging effects on the skin. Unfortunately it also told me that if I had been doing this from a young age I also could have prevented the wrinkles in the first place. Seriously!! Why am I only learning about this now???This is one of those times where I was wishing I could go back in time and change the way I had done things.

But, it’s not too late to prevent further damage. Applying Comfrey cream now will still work wonders for my aging skin. It will help make my skin softer (hopefully that does not mean a more exaggerated sag), more supple and elastic.

HOW IT WORKS: Keratin, is a tough, inflexible protein found in the outer layer of the skin. Using Comfrey creams help to soften the keratin, and the allantoin allows the skin to hold onto water better. This makes your skin moister, softer, and better hydrated. This also allows for the outer layer of skin to shed more easily which in turn creates smoother skin with improved moisture retention. End result: Healthier supple skin.

It’s a win, win situation. So I created my own Comfrey Cream to trial. After all what better trial subject than my own crinkly skin 🙂 I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes and how it does or does not change my skin.

In the meantime though, I figure, there really is not much reason for me to visit that horrible mirror and I will continue to live as I feel – YOUNG AT HEART

Photo by Edu Carvalho on Pexels.com
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com
Let age not weary us
Photo by Den iwan Setiawan on Pexels.com

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