Grief of losing a loved one

Our Comfrey and Calendula products are wonderful healers, but they are no match for grief. There are no ointments or oils that can heal the pain of losing a loved one. The only healers for that come in the form of people and time.
People to offer a simple touch, an embrace, compassion, support, love and kindness. People help to guide us to a safe place after the immediate sense if grief has passed. They help us to continue to find reasons to go on and give us a purpose in life.

Time is a great healer too. Through time we find that while we never forget, our pain somewhat eases so that we can continue to move forward, even in times we thought were not possible.

Look around you and see those people that are offering you support and are always there for you in the good and bad times. Appreciate them. Love and support them in return. Show gratitude for them. Focus on those good people and remove the bad people from your life.
Life is too short to waste it. Honour those that you’ve loved and lost by spending your time here on earth well.

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