Complete Beard Care Kit


Used daily to soften and nourish the beard hair.
Helps to maintain beard hair to keep it strong and healthy.
Promotes healthy hair growth.
Also helps to protect the skin under the beard and nourish it.

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This kit is designed to nourish, strengthen and soften the beard. Suitable for all beard types. Our kits are filled with products that are naturally organic. No chemicals, no added ingredients with big names or numbers. Just gifts from nature.

Includes 2 x 60ml Beard Oils of your choice, 1 Natural Beard Shampoo, 1 Beard Balm, 1 Beard Comb in a  natural bamboo box. Value $140+

Choose your Beard Oil Blends:

Citrus Blend: This beard oil has a refreshing citrus scent. An invigorating blend that holds energizing and refreshing properties that can help to lift the mood, reduce stress and rejuvenate the soul.

Sandalwood & Cedar:

This beard oil has a stronger scent.
Sandalwood helps to create a relaxing, calming blend that helps to  promote mental clarity while the cedar wood
promotes hair growth and soothes the dry skin under the beard.

Naked: This beard oil has no fragrances or scents added. making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. A gentle blend that holds healing and nourishing properties for both the beard and the underlying skin.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 18 × 20 × 12 cm

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