Comfrey Ointment, Double Strength 125mls


Comfrey is an excellent herbal healer, working from the skin through to the muscles then on through to  the bones.

Helps to promote fast healing while offering pain relief for most ailments.


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Comfrey Ointment.
Ingredients: Comfrey, Rosemary, Essential oils, Vitamin E, Pure Virgin Organic Oils and Beeswax.
All ingredients are 100% natural and organic.

May assist with healing and/or pain relief of:
-muscle pain
-Upper and lower back ache
-Joint pain
-Broken bones – encourages faster healing
-Clear Pimples
-Clear warts

*Comfrey works from the skin through to the muscles then on through to  the bones.

*Only use on shallow cuts as the comfrey will heal the surface of a deep wound from the surface first.
If there is any underlying infection, the comfrey ointment may seal the infection in. Causing major problems later.

*Apply as often as needed.
*Comfrey naturally contains Alatonin which boosts growth of new skin cells.
*It also naturally contains Rasmarinic Acid which relieves pain and inflammation.
*Not for use on children under 5 years, pregnant women or people with liver conditions.

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