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Flash sale date to be set

huge discounts across our range. First ever flash sale for naturallyorganic67

self care – it’s a must

self care has to be a priority if we are ever to live a happy life

Flash sale coming soon

We are so excited to be able to host our very first Flash Sale. WHAT IS A FLASH SALE??????? a Flash sale is simply a very short sale offering you – our very valued customer – a way to save lots of dollars across… Continue Reading “Flash sale coming soon”

Grief of losing a loved one

Our Comfrey and Calendula products are wonderful healers, but they are no match for grief. There are no ointments or oils that can heal the pain of losing a loved one. The only healers for that come in the form of people and time.People… Continue Reading “Grief of losing a loved one”

New mascot

Meet George, our new mascot for our pet range of healing balms. Our new range of balms perfect for your fur babies is coming soon. Watch this space! Natural organic healing for everything from sore joints and muscles to scrapes & grazes. Why shouldn’t… Continue Reading “New mascot”

natural & organic

What do we mean by “natural & organic”??? Natural & Organic means that you can be assured that there have been no chemicals or nasty ingredients used throughout the whole process of making our products. from seed to harvest, from production to packaging your… Continue Reading “natural & organic”

A little about us

So excited to finally have a website to share our amazing products. Here at naturallyorganic67 we are committed to both quality products and exceptional customer service. We love to hear from all of our customers, whether they be our regular returning customers or brand… Continue Reading “A little about us”

Our thoughts……

We find a inner peace when working with these natural ingredients. There’s a calm that comes over us and the space we work in. It puts us in the most positive mindset. We believe this shines through in all of our products, that it… Continue Reading “Our thoughts……”

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