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All kinds of people……..

Learning to hear the stories of others helps us to understand the world we live in

Who is that looking at me???

Don’t you just hate it when you look in the mirror and see what appears to be an old person looking back at you. I mean who is this person anyway?? I know it cannot possibly be me, no way am I that old yet!! I feel young at heart and full of hope for a great life, so how could this be me? Right??

Giving thanks to Mother Nature

Spending my day yesterday, in the garden had me thinking. This is always a possibility after being surrounded by nature. I took in all of the beauty that surrounded me. The life around me was abundant and simply beautiful. The bees were frantically buzzing… Continue Reading “Giving thanks to Mother Nature”

What strange times 2021

I sit here typing away as our government announces another lock down due to Covid outbreaks. These are very unusual times that we find ourselves in at the moment. But, here in Queensland, we have been so, so, lucky. Yes we have had to… Continue Reading “What strange times 2021”

how do i live a happy life?

I often wonder why some people are happy with a simple life yet others find negatives in everyday. I find this such a sad way to live. Because, a lot of those negative things that upset us, are usually out of our control. We… Continue Reading “how do i live a happy life?”

Just Breathe…

Did you realize the by just breathing we can improve our general well being???? Now this is not our normal everyday breathing, that I’m talking about here. I talking about BIG, DEEP BREATHS. Those big deep breaths that reach right down to the bottom… Continue Reading “Just Breathe…”

the power of our words

So today I got a message from Gary, a new customer to let me know that he got his order in time and that he was very happy with the Comfrey Ointment he had ordered. He is 63, a paramedic and still going strong.… Continue Reading “the power of our words”

with rain, comes hope

So here in beautiful Queensland, we have had some much needed rain. As far as the eye can see there is a beautiful green to the land that hasn’t been seen for some time. The gardens are growing and happy. At least for now… Continue Reading “with rain, comes hope”

Cool weather aches & pains

Here in sunny??? Queensland, we are fortunate to get some much needed rain. With the rain and the change of season, we have a little cool weather hanging around. So, with the cool weather, for a lot of us, this also means aches &… Continue Reading “Cool weather aches & pains”

It’s almost sale time

Only hours left before we start our sale. I have been busy preparing for it all. So busy that I accidentally went on and already reduced our prices. Oh well, it’s only a few hours early. I really hope that you’re all ready to… Continue Reading “It’s almost sale time”

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