Flash sale date to be set

Keep watching this page. Any day we are about to announce the dates of our Flash Sale. We are very excited to be able to offer you guys such great savings across our range. We’ll keep this post updated as we finalize our preparations.

Check your emails/text messages because special offers are coming your way

If you’ve purchased from us before on other platforms, we don’t want you to miss out on these special deals.

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self care – it’s a must

Self care is not selfish, Self care is what we all MUST do to live the best and happiest life we can.

When did you last stop to take life and all it’s wonders in???????

Taking the time to stop and breathe, unfortunately nowadays this is something that we just don’t do often enough.

Stop and take time to enjoy your journey. Life is precious, and it will not go on forever. Taking some time out is a small part of your self care. We all need to practice some self care in order to look after ourselves. After all, how can we be there for others, look after others, help others…..if we have not cared for ourselves first???

I ask you to get up and walk outside now. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun or the rain on your face, listen to the birds and relax. Just 5 or 10 minutes a day that’s all we need. Listen to music or nature or nothing at all. Get a massage, a haircut, go camping, see a movie, run around the yard with your kids or dogs, enjoy a walk, meet up with friends, have a laugh. Be silly, be and do whatever you want. Just please take a little time for you.

If we all took time to do this on a daily basis we’d see improvements in our anxieties, stresses, tensions. We’d suffer less and start to enjoy and live the life we’re so lucky to have.

Share with us how you plan to begin some self care. For us we are about to sit in the garden, enjoy a nice glass of Moscato and enjoy the sounds and the smells of nature. Wonder what you’ll do??

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Flash sale coming soon

We are so excited to be able to host our very first Flash Sale.

WHAT IS A FLASH SALE??????? a Flash sale is simply a very short sale offering you – our very valued customer – a way to save lots of dollars across our range for a short period of time.

The sale goes across our range and offers up to 60% off. The sale will go for 48 hours only. Our time lines will be strict, so don’t waste time logging on to buy.

Flash sale items will be sold only from this website.

Yes, we will post to any Australian location.

Grief of losing a loved one

Our Comfrey and Calendula products are wonderful healers, but they are no match for grief. There are no ointments or oils that can heal the pain of losing a loved one. The only healers for that come in the form of people and time.
People to offer a simple touch, an embrace, compassion, support, love and kindness. People help to guide us to a safe place after the immediate sense if grief has passed. They help us to continue to find reasons to go on and give us a purpose in life.

Time is a great healer too. Through time we find that while we never forget, our pain somewhat eases so that we can continue to move forward, even in times we thought were not possible.

Look around you and see those people that are offering you support and are always there for you in the good and bad times. Appreciate them. Love and support them in return. Show gratitude for them. Focus on those good people and remove the bad people from your life.
Life is too short to waste it. Honour those that you’ve loved and lost by spending your time here on earth well.

New mascot

Meet George, our new mascot for our pet range of healing balms.

Our new range of balms perfect for your fur babies is coming soon. Watch this space! Natural organic healing for everything from sore joints and muscles to scrapes & grazes. Why shouldn’t our fur babies also have protection naturally??

Just gorgeous!

natural & organic

What do we mean by “natural & organic”???

Natural & Organic means that you can be assured that there have been no chemicals or nasty ingredients used throughout the whole process of making our products. from seed to harvest, from production to packaging your order, everything has been free of anything unnatural. We pride ourselves on providing you with the cleanest most natural product we possibly can.

We grow all of our herbal ingredients within our own gardens. We tend and care for our gardens ourselves. So we know everything that goes into them. Yes there will be compost & manure, good clean water & lots of love. Yes, we do talk to each and every plant, play them music and give them words of encouragement. This is our way of doing things. So yes, we can be certain that they have not been grown with any artificial fertilizers, growth hormones or chemicals. Just gifts from mother nature go into growing our gardens and creating our products.

We harvest all of our herbs at their peak to ensure that only the best and freshest goes into each of our products. To ensure you get the absolute freshest product possible, we only make small batches often, rather than have a big supply of pre-made stock. But, do not worry, we will always fulfill all orders as quick as we possibly can.

Any other ingredients we need are always purchased from local suppliers where possible. We do everything in our power to buy certified organic when we can.

We are a registered Australian business with australianowned.com.au and proudly hold the highest 3 star rating. We are an all Australian owned and made business. True Blue products produced from some hard yakka in this beautiful country.

A little about us

So excited to finally have a website to share our amazing products. Here at naturallyorganic67 we are committed to both quality products and exceptional customer service.

We love to hear from all of our customers, whether they be our regular returning customers or brand new ones. We want to hear how you feel about our products and service.

We want to answer all of those questions you may have. We love sharing our extensive knowledge on our entire product range.

Our thoughts……

We find a inner peace when working with these natural ingredients. There’s a calm that comes over us and the space we work in. It puts us in the most positive mindset. We believe this shines through in all of our products, that it helps to enhance the properties of our ingredients. I mean honestly, how can all of this positive beautiful calming energy not affect the end result???? A bit like cooking. When we cook with love and passion, the flavour of the dish improves tenfold. We can taste the love that went into the dish. We believe the same works for our products.

I once read the following somewhere, cannot remember where , but I want to share it with you. I also want to thank the original author of these words. They have offered us much inspiration. We hope you find inspiration in them too.

Medicines collected and created by our own hands is a healing experience in and of itself. The result is a much more potent remedy because of the personal relationship that is developed while making it.

This works for you guys too. In purchasing our products, you get all of this jammed into one beautifully packaged product.

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