Merry Christmas

At Christmas, We all just want to give. We want to give love, joy, kindness, we just truly want the best for everyone around us. We embrace the world with open arms and want to offer all we can to see the joy in their eyes, see their faces light up. So then, why can’t it be Christmas every day? These are all easy and free things we can share every single day.

Michelle Steiner,

Well here we are again. Christmas time. It seems like this one occasion is the one thing we all work towards all year long. Not saying that this is our only focus for the year. But, it is the time that seems to bring all of our hard work together. It signals a time to stop and relax. Time to enjoy our achievements and the company of our most nearest & dearest. It signals a change for what lies ahead. It reminds us of treasured memories from the past, and the chance to create new memories. It offers love and kindness from everyone in almost endless quantities. It also offers hope for what lays ahead.

I know that Christmas in my home this year will be about enjoying the company of those round me. Whether they be family, friends, neighbours or strangers I’ve never met. It will be about missing those that can not be with us (due to work, distance etc) and remembering those we’ve lost along the way.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Why?? Because it is all about how it makes me feel, how it makes those around me act. For me, it’s all about giving all I can offer. I invite people to join our breakfast, lunch or dinner table and share in our food. All which has been made with an open loving heart. There is no judgement, just love. I want nothing back in return, just a wonderful meal shared with equally wonderful people.I want conversation and lots of laughter. I want everybody to feel something warm in their hearts. To feel that life can be, and is good. We do not need to spend lots of money and we do not need to be showered in gifts to create lasting beautiful memories. We don’t need a reason to do this on a regular basis, and yet for some reason most of us feel that we do.

Gather at your Christmas table to share great food and create great memories.

No matter when you celebrate your Christmas, or how you celebrate. Just surround yourself with the special people in your life and create wonderful memories that you can all talk about forever.

Create a feeling of love & warmth in their hearts, just by giving them the best of you.

Share kindness & love freely. These things are always in abundant supply, providing we are happy to give them freely each and every day.

So from my heart to yours,

and from my home to yours.

I wish you a very very Merry Christmas.

Michelle Steiner
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