Giving thanks to Mother Nature

Spending my day yesterday, in the garden had me thinking. This is always a possibility after being surrounded by nature. I took in all of the beauty that surrounded me. The life around me was abundant and simply beautiful.

The bees were frantically buzzing as they went about the day’s work. They are always such a pleasure to watch. The butterflies hovered in the air spreading their beauty as well. The birds were all chirping and singing their own unique songs.

I began to think about the birds that come to visit us regularly, they are our most constant visitors. We often see galah’s, wild cockatiels and budgies, blue faced honey eaters, pied butcher bird, magpies (no they do not swoop us, though they do try to swoop our dogs), tawny frog mouth owls, one visits with her baby. There is always a constant group of king parrots feeding on our Grevillea Sandra Gordon and then of course there are the iconic kookaburras. Then there is the sulphur crested cockatoos that visit more regularly than I’d like. They are so destructive to all that lay in their path. Though, I am grateful that they do not come all year round. I am so grateful for that!!

Honestly I could just sit and watch and listen to nature all day long. Such inspiration comes from the simple joys in life. Spending time in nature helps us to recharge our batteries, helps us to feel grounded and feel motivated. There is not any other form of medicine or therapy that is as healing as nature.

So this week I give thanks for the nature that surrounds me. I give thanks for the sense of calm and hope and love that I get from Mother Nature & all of her gifts.

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