What strange times 2021

I sit here typing away as our government announces another lock down due to Covid outbreaks. These are very unusual times that we find ourselves in at the moment. But, here in Queensland, we have been so, so, lucky. Yes we have had to wear masks more than we’d like, and maybe we can’t always visit our loved ones like we used to. Can’t even move about freely like we used to. But, we are safe. As we all try to do the right things in order to keep others safe, and it seems that it is working.

I live in a small country town and my community is everything to me. I see, as I go out and about in my area, that everybody is trying hard to keep themselves and everyone else safe.We’re all checking in on others to make sure they are okay. We are all trying to share some love and kindness around. I feel blessed and privileged to part of this community of Esk. It is not just Queensland that has been lucky.

The whole of Australia has been lucky. We have not seen the umimaginable horror that Covid has caused in other countries across the globe. Yes, we have some of our own heartbreaking stories to tell. But, thankfully not on the same scale of other countries.

I give thanks every single day for the people of Australia doing what they can to keep everyone safe. I hope with all my might that we will all see an end to this pandemic soon. Yet somehow I feel like this is something that will be with us for a long time to come.

If we can all continue to do whatever it takes to keep our family, friends, communites and ourselves safe, then that is the best we can do right now. Continue to feel hopeful and share your hope with others. Mental health is a real issue. One that we all need to be aware of. Look after your body & mind and try to be aware of the struggles of those around you.

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  1. My daughter married into an Aussie family and I wish you all the best –

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