the power of our words

So today I got a message from Gary, a new customer to let me know that he got his order in time and that he was very happy with the Comfrey Ointment he had ordered. He is 63, a paramedic and still going strong. Wow!! Good on him. What an inspiration he is.

Anyway, Gary described our Comfrey Ointment as a “Real Panacea”. Now, I have to admit this was a new word for me. I had to Google it, and see what he was on about!! Well coming direct from a very experienced Paramedic I am pleased to share with you the meaning of this mystery word.

“Panacea means…..a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases”. What a wonderful way to describe Comfrey.

Now, I realize that it is possible that many of you had already heard of this word, or knew it’s meaning. Perhaps you even use this word in your daily life. Not, me though. I am so pleased to have learnt a new word today. So a huge thank you to Gary from Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia. I love words. I love the power they have. The words we use, can shape our lives and ultimately change the direction of our journey. When used right, words can have a positive life changing effect on ourselves and those around us. Unfortunately the opposite can happen when we use our words negatively.

Life really is too short to waste time and energy on making life hard or horrible for others. Take your words and use them wisely. Use your words to send joy and love, to brighten someone’s day, to help somebody feel like you care. Use your words to enlighten and encourage everyone you meet.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want it to be over. Then you walk into your local store, pick up a few things, then as you go to pay, the person at the register just somehow brings a little sunshine into your day. Suddenly, things are better, your mood has improved and you realize, that all came about from a smile and a few kind words.

Anyone can put others down, make them second guess themselves, put doubts in their head, make another person feel worthless and unloved. It takes an amazing, brilliant and wonderful person to share positivity and light with others, whether they be a stranger in passing or a dear friend.

Try it today, share your words, the ones filled with sunshine and joy. Then come back and share with us how doing so has also made your day even more wonderful than it was previously. Because, brightening someone else’s day is not a one way ticket. I can almost promise that you will also have a heart warming moment too.

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