self care – it’s a must

Self care is not selfish, Self care is what we all MUST do to live the best and happiest life we can.

When did you last stop to take life and all it’s wonders in???????

Taking the time to stop and breathe, unfortunately nowadays this is something that we just don’t do often enough.

Stop and take time to enjoy your journey. Life is precious, and it will not go on forever. Taking some time out is a small part of your self care. We all need to practice some self care in order to look after ourselves. After all, how can we be there for others, look after others, help others…..if we have not cared for ourselves first???

I ask you to get up and walk outside now. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun or the rain on your face, listen to the birds and relax. Just 5 or 10 minutes a day that’s all we need. Listen to music or nature or nothing at all. Get a massage, a haircut, go camping, see a movie, run around the yard with your kids or dogs, enjoy a walk, meet up with friends, have a laugh. Be silly, be and do whatever you want. Just please take a little time for you.

If we all took time to do this on a daily basis we’d see improvements in our anxieties, stresses, tensions. We’d suffer less and start to enjoy and live the life we’re so lucky to have.

Share with us how you plan to begin some self care. For us we are about to sit in the garden, enjoy a nice glass of Moscato and enjoy the sounds and the smells of nature. Wonder what you’ll do??

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