natural & organic

What do we mean by “natural & organic”???

Natural & Organic means that you can be assured that there have been no chemicals or nasty ingredients used throughout the whole process of making our products. from seed to harvest, from production to packaging your order, everything has been free of anything unnatural. We pride ourselves on providing you with the cleanest most natural product we possibly can.

We grow all of our herbal ingredients within our own gardens. We tend and care for our gardens ourselves. So we know everything that goes into them. Yes there will be compost & manure, good clean water & lots of love. Yes, we do talk to each and every plant, play them music and give them words of encouragement. This is our way of doing things. So yes, we can be certain that they have not been grown with any artificial fertilizers, growth hormones or chemicals. Just gifts from mother nature go into growing our gardens and creating our products.

We harvest all of our herbs at their peak to ensure that only the best and freshest goes into each of our products. To ensure you get the absolute freshest product possible, we only make small batches often, rather than have a big supply of pre-made stock. But, do not worry, we will always fulfill all orders as quick as we possibly can.

Any other ingredients we need are always purchased from local suppliers where possible. We do everything in our power to buy certified organic when we can.

We are a registered Australian business with and proudly hold the highest 3 star rating. We are an all Australian owned and made business. True Blue products produced from some hard yakka in this beautiful country.

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